Nidal Ahmad Algafari
Born: Sofia, Bulgaria, 18/12/1965
Secondary education: Completed in Damascus, Syria
Higher education: Master of Arts in Cinema and TV Direction
Languages: Bulgarian – native
Arabic – advanced
Russian – basic
Work history: Director and producer of numerous TV shows broadcast on Bulgarian TV channels
Director, producer and screenwriter of the film “La Donna e Mobile”
Director and producer of the documentary “Syria – history and legends”
Executive director of the Bulgarian National Television
PR for the election campaigns of the two-times president of the Republic of Bulgaria – Georgi Parvanov
Extensive experience as the PR for the campaigns of the Bulgarian Socialist Party
Marital status: Married, two children

Author of:
“God, why is the Lord lying?” Part One of a tetralogy, published in 2014
In this novel, I describe several passionate, tender, different and very beautiful love stories which the Lord punishes but God defends. For me, every single one of us is a God and we, humans, were able to love unconditionally if it wasn’t for morality, our system of values and our education, all based on the religions’ love of power!
God created us in his own image, without any demands or expectations from us. On the other hand, all those who have embezzled the role of mediators between us and God (prophets, apostles, priests and “spiritual” guides, patriarchs, imams, popes and sheikhs) have created the Lord in their own image. The Lord who demands, persecutes, judges and punishes. In his name, they created an angelic, a devilish and an ecclesiastic hierarchy to keep an eye on us, the souls dressed in bodies. They gave each other the keys to heaven and the book of righteousness and sinfulness, and the right to decide which of the humans would go where at the end of their life on Earth. They forbade love and caring! But love and caring is what we need! In my book, Love wins in the name of God, despite the Lord!
“Allah, have you no mercy?” Part Two of a tetralogy, published in October 2015
A novel in which I introduce the readers to the diversity of the people, the variegation of the spiritual life and the wisdom of the traditions and the beautiful customs left from those olden times and still living today. I have described the dervishes and Islam, the Jews who have seemingly converted to Islam and the ones who have seemingly converted to Christianity, the Bogomils – followers of Manichaeism and predecessors of Catharism and Protestantism, the daalias and the kardjalias – people of the mountains and the fields, thieves and robbers on the road (highwaymen). The characters who have joined the dance in the first book still keep the fire burning – sometimes through tears, sometimes through laughter, but always from their hearts and souls, genuinely living. In both parts of the tetralogy, I intertwine their love stories and their fates through the myths, the ethnology and the folklore of the various religious communities in Bulgaria.